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    Our Red airshow smoke oil can be used in aerobatic team, airforce show, RC plane, turbo plane, and gender reveal.

    Buy Colorful Aviation Smoke Oil | Biodegradable & Harmless

    Buy Colorful Aviation Smoke Oil | Biodegradable & Harmless

    The red airshow smoke oil as a whole has the characteristics of low freezing point, small odor, non-toxicity, and good stability.

    Our red aviation smoke oil is biodegradable, harmless to the human body and water body, and stable in nature.

    The red airplane smoke oil is identified by the authority as an ordinary good in transportation and storage, which saves the transportation cost to a great extent, has no regulatory requirements for transportation, and relaxes the storage conditions.

    red smoke oil for airshow

    The product has a small density, a large volume under the same weight, less consumption, and high-cost performance.

    The red airplane smoke oil can improve the smoke pulling time of a single flight, reduce the load weight of the aircraft, ensure that the large maneuver of the aircraft is not limited, and reduce the load while maintaining the effect as much as possible.

    red smoke oil for airshow

    The KB value of the product is low without any corrosive effect.

    For various metal materials, paint, and most plastics and rubber, there is no dissolution, swelling, or embrittlement, so the application model is no longer limited.

    For propellers and helicopters, our smoke oil can also be better used considering that the smoke exhaust mode is front exit smoke exhaust.

    At present, the red smoke oils for airplanes have been mature and applied to mainstream models in the market, such as propeller sports aircraft, delta wing power aircraft, rotorcraft, nest spray model aircraft, nest fan aircraft, and helicopter series.

    red aviation smoke oil for sales

    For propeller and helicopter, considering that the smoke exhaust mode is front out the smoke exhaust, a little smoke oil will remain on the fuselage after the smoke passes through the fuselage.

    Compared with competitive products, this product has a higher fogging degree and better cleaning performance.

    It can be completely cleaned with ordinary detergent water without worrying about the residual corrosion of the fuselage paint.

    red smoke oil for airshow

    When filling tobacco oil, because it is not flammable, explosive, and toxic, personnel do not need special protection.

    Due to its special easy cleaning, it can be completely removed by normal hand washing when it is contaminated with hands.

    The red smoke oil packaging can be divided into 5L, 25L, and 50L stacking barrels. Fumigation-free wooden cases shall be added according to some national regulations.

    In terms of use effect and convenience, there is no need for cumbersome secondary dilution and mixing, increased labor cost, poor mixing effect, and other problems like a competitive product, so as to truly open and use it immediately.

    After smoking, there is no need to clean the smoking oil tank. It can be filled with airplane smoke oil normally in the next smoking.

    In the air effect, the smoke has a strong sense of floating and high durability, There is no bad smell at the smoking site.

    Contact us for a free sample of red smoke oil (You need to pay the shipping fee)

    Additional information


    blue, green, red, yellow


    1 L, 25L, 50L, 5L




    Prescribed smell, no peculiar smell


    No visible mechanical impurities

    Flash point


    Kinematic viscosity(40℃,mm 2 /s)


    Density(g/cm 3)



    After the sealing test, there is no leakage

    Shelf life

    90 Days


    Not edible

    Shipping Method

    Railway, Airplane

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