RC Model Jet Show Colored Smoke Oil Solution

Our factory have sponsored a large number of model airplane flight shows and accumulated a lot of experience for RC model Jet airshow


Model airplane turbojet engine

For turbojet engines, our products only need to be directly filled into the smoke oil tank, and then adjust the distance of the smoke oil outlet pipe of the engine.


Electric model airplane

For electric aviation models, you can install a smoke generator by yourself. Our products will volatilize into colored smoke when heated (above 350 degrees Celsius). When installed on an airplane, a colored smoke ribbon will be pulled out from the tail of the airplane as the flight speeds.


Wipeable and easy to clean

Our product has a low KB value without any corrosive effect, and has no dissolution, swelling and embrittlement effects on various metal materials, paint surfaces, and most plastics and rubbers.
*It is recommended to wipe after the flight show, the smoke oil will naturally degrade part of it, and it will be easier to wipe after the smoke oil dries


Safety and environmental protection

Our products as a whole have the characteristics of low freezing point, low odor, non-toxicity and good stability. They are biodegradable, harmless to human body water, and stable in nature. They are recognized as ordinary goods in transportation and storage by authoritative organizations. It saves transportation costs to a large extent, has no regulatory requirements for transportation, and relaxes storage conditions.


Long duration & easy to add

Our products can be filled with smoke oil normally when in use, and the smoke floating in the air is strong and durable, and it does not produce any bad smell at the smoke pulling site. No need to clean the fuel tank after pulling the smoke


What our client’s say

I am an aeromodelling enthusiast, and I use a turbojet engine. After purchasing this e-liquid, it feels so different! I got everyone's attention in the air


I used white smoke before, and it was particularly troublesome to refill. After using this one, it feels more convenient and has more colors.

I have always paid great attention to environmental protection. I bought this product immediately after seeing it. After the flight show, I wiped the traces of the fuselage with my hands. I didn't expect it to be cleaned up soon. It's really great!

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