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How long has your factory been in the aircraft color smoke puller industry?

Podcasting operational change management
inside of workflows to establish a

Which airplanes are using your airplane color smoke extractor?

We are used in propeller airplanes, nest jet model airplanes, delta wing power planes, rotary wing planes, nest fan planes, etc., and we can also develop research and development for aircraft types that are not supported.

My nest jet plane is not effective in pulling smoke, and the color is not bright enough?

Since your smoke nozzle is too far away from the engine nozzle, it may cause poor atomization. It is recommended that the nozzle of the smoke pipe be directly 1-3 cm from the center of the engine.

Can I use color smoke oil to mix diesel oil by myself?

Our color smoke oil is a finished product, so you don’t need to mix it twice when you use it.

Is the color smoke oil contaminated on my jet plane so it can be cleaned up?

If the color smoke oil remains on the fuselage during use, you only need to use diesel oil or even detergent to remove it, and it will not have any effect on the painting of your aircraft.

What pump flow rate does my nest jet aircraft need?

The flow rate of your pump depends on the size of your aircraft. We recommend a minimum flow rate of 1L per minute. If you want to get more smoke, it is recommended to use double pull smoke nozzles to improve the atomization performance and increase the amount of smoke.

What kind of smoke nozzle do I need for my nest jet plane

Any material of the smoke nozzle can be used. We recommend that the inner diameter of the smoke nozzle be 2-3.5 mm. The round pipe at the nozzle does not need to be flattened.

Do I need to filter the color smoke oil?

Our color smoke oil does not need to be filtered, and can be filled directly when using it, without any filtering and fuel tank filter head.

Can I clean the fuel tank and pipes after I change the red smoke to the blue smoke?

No need to clean

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