Looking for Colorful Aviation Smoke Oil to sell in your country? Want to become an exclusive distributor in your country for YopaiAir? Want to get the wholesale price for Colorful Aviation Smoke Oil? Keep reading! We want to work with anyone who is interested in airplanes or airshows!

About Us

YopaiAir(https://aerobaticsmoke.com) is one of the fastest-growing Colorful Aviation Smoke Oil manufacturers in China. We are planning to rapidly expand our distribution network globally and increase market share in every country where we have an existing presence.

We have been working with the Chinese military air force for many years, that is why our smoke oil has a very high standard and good quality.

become a distributor of airplane smoke oil

As the developer and complete manufacturer of our Colorful Aviation Smoke Oil, we are capable of localizing products for the global market. We are continuously developing new products and technologies in response to global market demands to facilitate growth.

Our distributors globally can also expect a high level of support through product information and training, marketing collateral, and a commitment to help them develop their business.


Competitive pricing for Colorful Aviation Smoke Oil globally

YopaiAir will ensure you have the best price globally. Any price changes will be advised with at least 30 days’ notice.

become a distributor of airplane smoke oil


Colorful Aviation Smoke Oil training globally

Even YopaiAir team can not be in your country in person since the COVID-19, we will arrange a video training section so your sales and support people are able to promote Colorful Aviation Smoke Oil with confidence.


Outstanding Service for globally Distributors

YopaiAir will always be happy to help, no matter it’s answering product-related questions, tracking freight movements, conducting joint calls, or addressing issues and concerns. Whatever you need globally as a distributor, we’re here to serve.


How to become a distributor

We can give you the lowest wholesale price since we are the factory. But you should be aware of the cost of shipping fees from China to your country.

We can send you some free samples of our colorful smoke oil, but you need to pay the shipping fee, it’s about 40 $ per liter by air. (It’s a bit expensive, I know)

If you order more than 25 liters, we can ship by sea, the shipping cost is around $269 for 25 liters(it’s about 10.76 per liter)

Of course, the more you order at one time, the cheaper of shipping fee is. Normally, some of our distributors order 1000 liter per time, so the shipping cost is very low.

Also, you should be aware that 1 liter can only last 1-2 minutes depending on the size of your planes.

Our product can be used both in real airplanes and RC plane models.

become a distributor of airplane smoke oil

You don’t need to pay any agent fee beforehand to become a distributor and we can add your website to our distributor list page if you like.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a distributor of YopaiAir’s high-quality test kit products. Please use the form below to tell us about your company and contact our sales team.