Colored smoke-pulling agent solutions for Airshow Smoke Oil

Using better colored smoke oil can solve your cleaning problems, environmental protection problems and the effect of the airshow

Buy Colorful Aviation Smoke Oil | Biodegradable & Harmless

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Our company provides a multi-model aviation color smoke extractor that is convenient to clean, safe, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. It is the only professional e-liquid company in the market that produces and sells. It is better than white smoke in formation flights. The determination of the formation position makes the entire fleet more imposing in the performance and more accurate positioning of movements. It does not block the aircraft nozzles and pipes during use, and does not need to make any changes to the aircraft. It can be filled directly during use. There is no need to clean the fuel tank and pipes after use. No matter if you use white smoke oil or color smoke oil in the next smoke show, you can add it directly Note.

Buy Colorful Aviation Smoke Oil | Biodegradable & Harmless
About us

We are aerobaticsmoke professional flying color smoke oil manufacturer

Our factory is located in Sichuan, China. We cooperate with the Chinese military and civilian aerospace teams in a large amount, and our products are widely used in foreign aerospace teams.

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Product advantages

Compared with similar products, our products have advantages in environmental protection, sustainability, safety, and ease of use.


More colors & customized colors

Most of the e-liquid on the market are white e-liquid. Our products have three colors of red, yellow and blue by default, and we can customize different colors according to your needs.


Non-flammable and explosive liquid, safety guarantee

Our products as a whole have the characteristics of low freezing point, low odor, non-toxicity and good stability. Our products are biodegradable, harmless to human waters, and stable in nature. They are ordinary in transportation and storage by authoritative organizations. The cargo saves transportation costs to a large extent, is convenient to transport and easy to store.


Adapt to a variety of aircraft, professional technical support team

Our products have been maturely applied to mainstream models in the market such as propeller sports aircraft, delta-wing power aircraft, rotary wing aircraft, nest jet model aircraft, nest fan aircraft and helicopter series.
German xa42, Chinese Shanhe sa60, ROTAX engine, etc. can easily use our products


Easy to clean

We consider that the smoke exhaust method of propellers and helicopters is front exhaust smoke. After the smoke passes through the fuselage, there will be a little smoke oil remaining on the fuselage. This product can provide higher atomization and better cleaning performance. Ordinary detergent can be cleaned up completely without worrying about the corrosion residue of the paint surface of the fuselage.


Easy to add

Our products do not require cumbersome secondary dilution and mixing to avoid problems such as increased labor costs and poor mixing effects. Our products can be used out of the box. There is no need to clean the smoke tank after the flight show. And the smoke oil can be added normally in the next smoke drawing. Our product has a strong and durable smoke floating in the air, and it does not produce any bad smell at the smoke drawing site.


No corrosion

Our product has a low KB value without any corrosive effect. It has no dissolution, swelling or embrittlement effect on various metal materials, paint surfaces and most plastics and rubbers. Therefore, the models of our products are no longer restricted, and are aimed at propellers. Taking into account that the exhaust mode is front exhaust smoke, it can also be better used for airplanes and helicopters.


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Provide your needs and your model, we will send targeted solutions

Technical Support

Our technical team will conduct a detailed analysis of your needs and models, and provide after-sales smoking guidance


Product transportation

Our products are not classified as dangerous goods, and can be transported by air or by sea

Bulk purchase

Our products are more advantageous in mass purchases, please contact us for details (by email or online customer service)


Our featured works

airshow smoke oil solution

Turbojet engine

Our products have good support for turbojet transmitters. Our products can volatilize and produce colored smoke at 350 degrees Celsius.


Propeller sport aircraft

For propeller sports aircraft, our products can be directly refilled in Germany xa42, China Shanhe sa60, etc.

airshow smoke oil solution

Delta and rotary wing aircraft

Our products are universal on all ROTAX engine models


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Blue smoke oil for airplane airshow

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