You are currently viewing 9 Best Joy Flight in Australia: Plane & Helicopter 2022 Reviews

9 Best Joy Flight in Australia: Plane & Helicopter 2022 Reviews

If you are looking for Joy Flight in Australia, you are in the right place! In this article, we will list many famous Joy Flight agents in Australia for you, so that you can choose your flight experience!

Matt Hall Racing

Matt is the reigning Red Bull Air Race world champion and former Royal Australian Air Force top gun fighter pilot. Matt placed third in his world championship racing debut in 2009 and has since accumulated seven wins and 25 podiums, making him the most successful Air Race pilot in the modern era to compete in Elite XR\1.

9 Best Joy Flight in Australia: Plane & Helicopter 2022 Reviews


Aerohunter Adventure Flights

All of your senses will be stimulated the second the Yak 52 radial engine roars to life. This flight includes an introduction to G-Force, weightlessness, and military manoeuvres including aerobatics such as loops, rolls, immelmans, cuban eights, and the ever graceful stall turn.

Whilst this adventure is not for the faint hearted, the flight is totally about your safety and comfort, so we can do as little or as much as you want – after all it’s your experience!


Fighter Pilot Adventure Flights

Only 30 minutes from Brisbane City and 50 minutes from the Gold Coast, with a wide range of flight types and prices, we can cater to your dream flight exactly, whether you’re a thrill seeker, aviation aficionado, or just want to relax and take in the magnificent Queensland scenery.


Aerotrek Adventure Flights

Set your pulse racing as you take to the sky in an ex-USAF T-34 warbird. The perfect gift for someone seeking a true adventure experience, or wanting to tick off their bucket list.
Adventure flights are available in good weather from our airfield, 30 minutes north of Brisbane, just off the Bruce Highway in Caboolture.

The T-34 is fully aerobatic, but it very stable and fun to fly. Perfect for all ages, with the excitement levels dialled up or down to provide the flying experience that is right for you.
Make that next birthday one to remember for a lifetime! Contact Aerotrek Warbird Adventure Flights today.


Wine Country Warbirds Pty Ltd

A Wild or Mild flight in a Russian Warbird over the beautiful Hunter Valley. Loops, barrel rolls, full on aerobatics with your experienced pilot. Packages to suit all people tall and not so tall, young and old.

Warbird Adventure Flight Specialists – tick off the ultimate experience in one of our Russian Yak-52 aircraft during a thrilling flight over the beatiful Hunter Valley


Adventure Flight Co

Adventure Flight Co offers high speed, high G-force aerobatic combat flight to scenic Great Ocean Road and 12 Apostles biplane flights.
Gift Vouchers available, simply select the flight you are interested in getting and choose ‘Gift Voucher’ during checkout. Alternatively go to our dedicated Gift Voucher section.

Based at Barwon Heads Airport right on the start of the Great Ocean Road only a little over one hour from Melbourne, Adventure Flight Co also operates at Moorabbin Airport based in Melbourne itself.
Our pilots come from a range of backgrounds, from RAAF, airline and general aviation we only select the finest, most passionate local pilots.


Air Combat Flights

Combat Flights Gippsland offers the general public the opportunity to engage in real aerial high G force aerobatics just like the aces of yesteryear. Fly with one of our highly experienced pilots in a dedicated aerobatics mission just for you or fly a combat dogfight against a friend.


Caboolture Airfield

The Caboolture Aero Field is an idyllic place for day trippers. Conveniently located between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, there is a fascinating collection of aircraft from World War One to the modern era onsite. Please find our manuals below, or visit our resources section for more.



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