You are currently viewing 32 Best Flight Schools in United States – Flight Training School Reviews

32 Best Flight Schools in United States – Flight Training School Reviews

If you want to become a pilot, here is a comprehensive list of 32 best flight schools in United States. You can check them one by one and decide which flight school is best for you!

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Aamro Aviation

Welcome to Sunny Florida where you get 345 days of flying. Aamro Aviation is in the heart of Palm Beach County, one of the most beautiful places in the United States! Aside from our top-notch pilot training center, you will find much to do here in South Florida.

Take a short trip into West Palm Beach and explore City Place, a premier shopping experience. Restaurants are second to none with the varied cuisine and cultures represented. The world-renowned Miami beach is just a few minutes’ drive from our location. Unwind there over the weekend and explore the entire east coast during your stay here. There are countless nature walks and outdoor recreational experiences. Hire a boat for the day and go fishing!

Best Flight School in United States - Flight Training School Reviews


Above it All Aviation

You or the recipient will have the opportunity to actually fly the airplane!  You are the Pilot and will sit in the Pilot seat as you fly the plane under the watchful eye of a Certified Flight Instructor.  Yes YOU fly the plane and experience the thrill of flight.  Whether its a “bucket list” item or you are interested in learning how to fly, the Introductory flight is the way.

Total time start to finish is about 1 hour.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have about flight training in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Best Flight School in United States - Flight Training School Reviews


Ace Basin Aviation

Earn your pilot certificates in a taildragger or get your tailwheel endorsement with us. Our tailwheel flight training is fun and we are sure you will enjoy it by discovering a side of aviation that very few get to enjoy. Ultimately, it will make you a better pilot because you have to “fly the airplane” at all times, even while taxiing on the ground and you will be having a good time doing so.
You will learn all the knowledge and skills necessary to become a well-rounded tailwheel pilot!


AeroSport, LLC

AeroSport is your one-stop shop for your aviation needs, especially related to Light Sport Aircraft. AeroSport offers affordable Flight Training, Light Sport Aircraft Sales and Maintenance, is an authorized Independent Rotax Service Center, and Dealer of several types avionics and equipment.
AeroSport is proud to be the U.S. Distributor of the BushCat Light Sport Aircraft manufactured by Rainbow SkyReach (PTY) Ltd.


American Air Flight Training

American Air provides thorough, professional ground and flight instruction for Pilot certification from Private Pilot through Airline Transport Pilot. American Air trains and tests each student to an exceptionally high level of skill and knowledge. American Air is the only Atlanta flight school with programs that meet such a high standard. All of our pilot ground schools are taught in-depth, one-on-one and are much more than just a test prep. Some of the training we provide in most of our courses is conducted in our flight simulator. We also conduct complete training programs for Aerobatics, Tailwheel Airplane and Emergency Upset Recovery in customer aerobatic airplanes. Customers can also receive in-depth, type-specific initial and recurrent training in their own airplanes at our training center.


Alternate Air Flying School

Alternate Air is a low-key rental and instruction business based at Seattle’s Boeing Field that offers flying at reasonable prices in a relaxed atmosphere. We currently have an assortment of  aircraft available and multiple instructors.


Air Combat USA

We are the original civilian dog fighting school. Established in 1988, we have over 20 years of experience and over 50,000 guest pilots flown, Air Combat USA is the largest, most recognized air combat school in the world. We’ve been featured on hundreds of television shows including The Apprentice and Good Morning America! As the industry leader, we work hand-in-hand with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other governing agencies to define the parameters and establish safety guidelines used to regulate the air combat industry.


Airwork Las Vegas

Soar above the Las Vegas Strip in a helicopter. Catch a bird’s eye view of the Stratosphere Tower, Encore, Wynn, Palms, Bellagio, New York- New York, Luxor and its beaming light into outer space. Rounding the Mandalay Bay -flying over McCarran International airport, you continue your journey northbound over the MGM Grand, High Roller, Eiffel Tower and finally Fremont Street Old Downtown Vegas.


AeroDynamic Aviation

AeroDynamic Aviation began flight training in San Jose, California, in 1960. We offer flight training to all levels of pilots in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our flight school expanded in recent years to include locations in Salinas and Monterey.  Our team of knowledgeable instructors create a comfortable, friendly environment for the people they train.

With experience in many different aircraft and teaching purely for their love of aviation, our instructors will guide you through any flight experience you ask for. From airline pilots, corporate pilots, agriculture pilots to Master CFIs, AeroDynamic’s flight instructors are the best in the industry. Their exceptional service earned us the title of AOPA 2018 & 2017 Distinguished Flight School, Cloud 9 Living’s Legendary Experience Provider Awards and Best of Groupon Awards. In 2021 we were featured on World’s Greatest TV as their choice for Flight School!


Andover Flight Academy

Andover Flight Academy, (AFA), is tucked away in a beautiful valley in the wooded hills of Andover, NJ. at Andover-Aeroflex Airport 12N. We’re close enough to be easy to get to (only 50 minutes from downtown Manhattan), but far enough away to retain our rural charm. Nestled in a pristine valley and bordered by two small lakes, Andover-Aeroflex might just be one of the most beautiful airports in the Northeast. In addition to the paved runway a parallel grass strip is available for tailwheel use only.


ATP Flight School

The Airline Career Pilot Program is your most efficient path to becoming an airline pilot, with a fast track to all major airlines. Get the best training in the best aircraft, with the most qualifications, and become an airline pilot on the fastest timeline – proven by 20,000 pilots since 1984.


Alpha Aviation

Alpha Aviation is a Free-lance flight school that provides well tailored instruction.

Our Mission is to provide aviation training at an affordable rate without compromising your learning experience.

My Goal is equip students with the knowledge to be safe and successful beyond their training.


Aeroblayze Aviation

We offer Tailwheel Training, Basic Aerobatics, Discovery Flights, and Flight Reviews in a Bellanca 8KCAB Decathlon. Conveniently located at David J. Perry Airport in Goldsby, OK (K1K4), we operate in uncongested airspace. This means little flight time is wasted droning to remote practice areas or competing with other aircraft in the traffic pattern.


ActivePILOT Flight Academy

All ActivePILOT Flight Academy airplanes are equipped with inflight GoPro cameras. Record your flights and share them with your instructor and friends. Additionally, with 24/7 access to several all-exclusive maintenance and cleaning teams, you will always find your airplane airworthy and shiny for your flight.


Aerodyne Flight Center

Aerodyne Flight Center Provides Innovative Professional Flight Instruction. We offer all levels of flight training that is personalized and available at your location, our location or while flying cross country.



Air-Spacers Flying Club is Santa Monica’s oldest flying club. Since 1958, our members have been gracing the skies of Santa Monica and beyond with a simple mission of providing the joy of flight and airplane ownership.

Our current membership totals 65 people who are equal share equity owners of the club, Air-Spacers, Inc., which owns the airplanes. Presently, there are 5 different aircraft in our fleet with varying specifications and missions which any qualified member can choose from.


Avian Flight Center Inc

Avian Flight Center, located at Bremerton National Airport (KPWT), is the Kitsap Peninsula’s only full service FBO, flight school, charter, and engine overhaul facility under one roof. Our three companies in one offer aircraft and simulator rental, flight instruction, charter and scenic flights, airframe and engine maintenance and repair, PSI testing, a pilot shop, and much more.


Arizona Soaring Inc

Our fun-loving staff of instructor pilots will provide you and your friends with the experience of a lifetime. Your pilot will provide you with whatever type of flight you wish whether it’s a mellow soaring ride along the majestic Sierra Estrella Mountains or a wild and thrilling aerobatic ride. Don’t wait any longer, call us today!



Our mission is to train pilots to be better and safer in the air and on the ground. Our fleet of aircraft and expert flight instructors will provide exactly what you need. We offer flight training in aerobatic, onset upset recovery, and air combat maneuvering. Also, solo aircraft rentals and aircraft type certifications at all levels. Nowhere in the world will you find single pilot affordable access to a tailwheel fleet like ours in a way that’s safe and fun.



No Limits Aviation

Here at No Limits Aviation, our goal is to promote the growth of the aviation community and the best way to do that is to teach people how to fly. We teach people of all ages and we welcome everyone to come out to the Coeur D’Alene Airport to see what we have to offer!

No Limits Aviation was formed by the Rogers family, a family that is passionate about aviation. We could not do the things we do without the great generosity of our wonderful donors and friends that help us to spread the joys of flight.



Left Base Tailwheel Training Specialists

We offer Tailwheel Endorsements, Spin Training, Upset Recovery Training and Introductory Aerobatics. Fly an American Champion Super Decathlon 8KCAB based at a beautiful, roomy grass runway in Southeast Wisconsin. Come for a two-day visit and earn the coveted Tailwheel Logbook Endorsement while learning valuable new skills from our experienced and enthusiastic instructors.

Fly or drive in to the conveniently located Palmyra Municipal Airport (88C) and we’ll introduce you to the fun and freedom of tailwheel flying – and have an experience you’ll never forget. Contact us for details about our courses and get ready to take your flying to a whole new level.



Boeing Employees’ Flying Association

The Boeing Employees Flying Association (BEFA) is a different kind of aviation organization. As a non-profit affiliated with Boeing, our mission is to create a community for our members and to make general aviation affordable and accessible—whether you’re just learning to fly, an experienced pilot building time to qualify for an airline job, or using general aviation for fun or to travel.

We have a well-maintained fleet of capable airplanes—most of which are equipped with Garmin GPSs, ADS-B traffic, and weather—available at competitive hourly rates (billed as Tach time rather than Hobbs time).

BEFA has a top-notch group of flight instructors—from test pilots, airline pilots, and engineers who are passionate about aviation and teaching.



Sling Flying Club

Sling Pilot Academy offers a range of individual pilot courses, from Sport Pilot to Commercial Pilot and Multi-Engine. All of these ratings (except Sport Pilot) are also included in our Professional Pilot Course, but are broken out here into individual selections for those wanting to just select one rating or go at a different speed. We call this side of our training the ‘Club’ and the accelerated side the ‘Academy’.


Mike Goulian Aviation

Our passion and devotion to excellence stems from our President and owner, Michael Goulian, who has lived a life in the sky since he was a young teenager learning to fly at his fathers flight school.

Now, more than 30 years into his career, Michael is known around the world as a “pilot’s pilot” and a respected aviation business professional through his exploits in his successful career as an aerobatic pilot and Red Bull Air Race competitor. Michael Goulian is known for executing everything he does at only the very highest level, and that attention to detail is evident in Mike Goulian Aviation.



The Flight School Inc.

The Flight School Inc. is the only Nationally Recognized Award-Winning Flight School located in Spring, Texas. We have trained hundreds of pilots, whether for fun, business, family, or vacation. We offer all levels of flight training including private, instrument, commercial, certified flight instructor (CFI), CFII, complex, high performance – tailwheel endorsement. We also offer aircraft rental.


The Flight School of Gwinnett

The Flight School Inc. is the premier flight school in the greater Atlanta area, operating out of the Gwinnett County Airport at Briscoe Field (KLZU) and Athens Ben-Epps Airport (KAHN) . Established in 1982, the Flight School has trained thousands of pilots, from hobbyists to Captains. Contact us today to jump start your career in aviation and fly at your own pace! Stop by anytime or click below to find out more about what we offer! Both campuses are now Part 141 approved!


Tailwheel Adventures

Here at Tailwheel Adventures we are able to accommodate all of your flight training needs; whether you’re training for your private license, tailwheel endorsement, commercial license, the airlines, to become a CFI, crop dusting, banner towing, aerobatic competition, or just for fun!


sport aviation specialties

Sport Aviation Specialties is operated by Michael Huffman, who has been involved with sport flying for more than 50 years. Listed below are some of the highlights of his career. See our Gallery page for photos and information about some of the aircraft listed below.


Silver Aviation

Silver Aviation offers flight training,  Discovery Flights and Scenic Tours. Our experienced staff of instructors, well maintained aircraft, and friendly airport environment makes Silver Aviation the premier location to service your aviation needs. Whether you are looking to fly for fun, become a professional pilot, take some aerial photos on one of our Discovery Flight or Scenic Tour as you feel the joy of flying while capturing memories.  Call us today to get more information and schedule your next flight!


Heartland Airplanes

Heartland Airplanes has been serving the needs and requirements of aircraft owners and pilots for over 45 years. With an extensive background in the aircraft resale market, Heartland Airplanes is well equipped to assist Buyers and Sellers.

We offer our clients a dedicated effort to assist with their aviation needs and questions. We pride ourselves on having firsthand knowledge of all our aircraft listed for sale, as all our available inventory is located at Executive Airport in Olathe, not scattered all around the country. Whether you’re planning a new purchase or wondering about selling in today’s economy, you owe it to yourself to get an honest, no cost, evaluation of the current market.




Heritage Biplane, Ltd owns and operates this aircraft and is dedicated to preserving the memory of the thousands of young aviators who first flew these aircraft in the defense of our nation during the early 1940s.

Today, you too can don a leather helmet and goggles and take to the air.  Feel the breeze in your hair as you soar gracefully over the local countryside and relive the golden age of aviation.


Texas Stick and Rudder LLC

Ever since opening our doors officially in 2019, we’ve helped countless individuals achieve their dreams of flight be it just pursuing a tailwheel endorsement, basic aerobatics, or a life long dream of becoming a pilot. We are committed to providing excellent education, training and resources so that our students will thrive in today’s competitive world of aviation. With flexible program options and great instructors, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with your education and flying experience here at Texas Stick and Rudder.





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