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Is it Hard to Become an Army Pilot? How to become a Pilot?

As a pilot, you’ll need a lot of hard work, and you’ll need to learn a lot of skills. In addition to piloting aircraft, you’ll also need to work as a ground crew and technician. The good news is that Army flight training is free and easy to get into. Whether you’re considering applying for flight training or if you already have the skills to be an Army pilot, here are some things to know.

Once you’ve been accepted into the program, you’ll have to spend 18-24 months in flight school. This training is designed to develop your skills, and you can even deploy in between training periods. During your flight school, you’ll get to experience flying military aircraft, and you’ll have the chance to earn your wings and be ready to deploy. But the biggest stressor for most students is worrying about getting into the aircraft they’d like to fly.

Those who are aspiring pilots can choose between enlisting as a warrant officer, or becoming a commissioned officer. Both options require a high school diploma and are open to people of all backgrounds. In addition to being under 35 years old, prospective army pilots must have at least one year of flight training before they can go on their tour. The process is long, but can be rewarding and gratifying.