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Differences Between Military Aviation and Civil Aviation Aircraft?

While they share the same airspace, military and civil aviation operate under separate rules. The close links between these two types of aviation were once readily understood in the early days of commercial aviation, but the interdependence between these two types of aircraft has led to an increasingly tenuous relationship between two.

Here’s an overview of the main differences between civil and military aviation. It’s important to know how these two distinct forms of aviation function in real-time.

Air Force ramps are located at civil airports that are used for USAF units.

Civil aircraft may also use these ramps if they are used by USAF aircraft. Generally, a landing permit will be issued only to civilian aircraft that are involved in official Government business.

Occasionally, other types of use will be permitted. In these instances, the Air Force will require that the civil airport fully reimburse the military for the use of the runways.

The primary difference between military and civil aviation is the purpose of the aircraft. A military aviation aircraft is a military-type aircraft that is used for defense.

These aircraft are heavier-than-air and used by the government for military purposes. Civil aviation aircraft are not used for military purposes, but can still be used for commercial purposes.

In addition to passenger and cargo transportation, military aircraft can also be used for agricultural, surveying, and search-and-rescue purposes.