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What is Helicopter Gender Reveal? Is it a good ideas?

Have you ever wondered how helicopter gender reveals work? One such company, Keen Fly, offers this special service.

It will fly over the area of choice, shoot colored powder out of the helicopter, and announce the baby’s gender with a dramatic helicopter drop.

Then, the couple can celebrate the new arrival with a gender reveal party. This fun, unique gender reveal idea is sure to wow your family and friends.

When planning a gender reveal party, you might be wondering where to get the most unique way to announce the baby’s gender.

Helicopter gender reveals are a unique way to make the event electrifying, and Platinum Helicopters can help you plan the perfect event.

It will also allow you to keep the gender reveal a secret from friends and family while still keeping it outside of the home. When you hire Platinum Helicopters, you can have the event outside of the home, where everyone will be able to watch the excitement.

In this gender reveal the couple rents a helicopter from a provider, who charges a fee. In exchange for the service, the provider acquires pink or blue EPA-certified chalk smoke.

In most cases, the helicopter pilot will hover at a special location and spray the sky with smoke. The smoke is then dispersed, revealing the baby’s gender.

Many expecting couples now opt for this method, making it the perfect way to make their baby’s gender a surprise.