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Where to Buy a Gender Reveal Cake?

If you want to announce your baby’s gender at your upcoming gender reveal party, there are several places to purchase a cake. Gender reveal cakes are fun and unique ways to announce your pregnancy. The gender of the baby is usually hidden within the cake, which is typically a 9-inch round, five-inch tall cake that feeds 15 to twenty guests. Depending on the gender, some cakes may include a blue or pink cake with colored buttercream.

There are a lot of great gender reveal cake recipes online. You can choose cupcakes, or create an entire cake. The Baking Fairy has instructions for a gender reveal cupcake. Two Chicks From the Sticks also has a gender reveal present cake recipe. Another website with gender reveal cake recipes is Chelsea’s Messy Apron, which has a gender reveal recipe, chocolate-dipped cupcakes, and cookie pops.

Another great idea is a gender-neutral cake. You can create a gender-neutral cake with a topper that says “Baby’s last name.” If you’d like to go more traditional, you can make a simple question-mark-shaped cake and cover the top with an array of flowers and macarons. The cake is a fun and easy way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your bundle of joy.