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How Do Aerobatic Planes Make Smoke?

You might be wondering, how do aerobatic planes make smoke? Well, it’s actually very easy to make smoke, as these planes use a diesel engine to generate the smoke.

And when they are in the air, the smoke drifts to the ground and spectators. Here’s how aerobatic planes create these amazing smoke trails:

It all started in the United Kingdom, during an air show in Farnborough. Royal Navy demonstration pilots in the Black Cats demonstrated with aerobatic planes.

For a while, aviation smoke systems used diesel oil, but this had a negative effect on aerobatic aircraft paint schemes.

Modern aerobatic oil is biodegradable and non-toxic, and it has a low viscosity, which prevents deterioration of the smoke oil system and maintains a pure color without black tinges.

The oil used for smoke oil is a blend of mineral oil and paraffin base. This mixture produces a brilliant white smoke trail.

It’s environmentally friendly and is free of metals. It is also very refined, making it atomized for good results.

This smoke oil also enables the aerobatic planes to perform tricks that would be impossible otherwise. The smoke oil is also a good way to highlight the plane’s flying pattern and the national colors.