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What is the ingredients of airshow smoking oil (eco-friendly)

Flying show color “smoke”, its ingredients are very common, which are broadcast in your car and kitchen.

During the flight performance, we often see the flight performance team flying by, leaving behind a “Ribbon”, which is “smoke”. These gorgeous colored smoke dotted the sky, and then slowly spread in the air, which is very beautiful.

That’s all right. What’s the color smoke made of? In fact, the ingredients are not complex. We have them in our car or kitchen.

What is the ingredients of airshow smoking oil (eco-friendly)

The history of aircraft smoking is not long. It has been widely popularized since the rise of jet aircraft.

Due to its high appreciation, it has become a part of flight performance. Here, I would like to remind you that although we have always said that the aircraft smoke.

In fact, the colored smoke is not emitted by the aircraft but is equipped with an estimated smoke bomb or a complete set of smoke puller.

What is the ingredients of airshow smoking oil (eco-friendly)

Before the emergence of jet aircraft, the aircraft in the propeller age also could smoke, which was realized by adding solid smoke bombs.

At that time, there were few countries that could master the production technology of solid smoke bombs, and the production cost was also very high, so there would be smoke shows only on more formal occasions. In fact, some countries still use solid smoke bombs.

What is the ingredients of airshow smoking oil (eco-friendly)

We know that when a jet plane flies by, there will be a wake cloud behind it. The wake cloud is that under certain conditions, the “gas” emitted by the jet plane heats the cloud behind it, and the small water droplets and steam suspended in the air will directly vaporize to form a wake cloud.

Although jet smoke is not emitted by aircraft, the principle is the same. Put the required smoke-pulling agent of various components into the airborne container and spread the smoke-pulling agent into the air through the sprayer.

What is the ingredients of airshow smoking oil (eco-friendly)

The smoking agent of the French light cavalry at that time was diesel. In fact, for smoking agents, diesel, soybean oil and even aviation kerosene can be directly vaporized at high temperature, and “smoking” is also non-toxic and harmless.

In fact, diesel was first used as smoke pulling agent because of its high boiling point and the color fuel made of plants. Diesel is also very common, not to mention the army. Even there may be diesel in the mailbox of our car, so the production cost is very low.

What is the ingredients of airshow smoking oil (eco-friendly)

Later, due to environmental factors, soybean oil was used as a smoking agent. Compared with diesel oil, soybean oil not only has low cost, but also is more environmentally friendly and harmless.

Even after adding appropriate fuel to soybean oil, both the smoking time and the viewing effect of smoking are better than those based on diesel.

However, soybean oil has the disadvantage that it is easy to carbonize at high temperature, and even carbon deposition may block the sprinkler irrigation. After all-around consideration, the smoke pulling agent based on diesel oil was finally selected, and some other fuels were added.



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