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What are the mysteries of the colored smoke in the flying show?

Flight performance with colored smoke is not only an important means for the armies of various countries to show their national prestige but also an important way to show the technological development level of the aviation industry in various countries.

In-flight performances, we can often see fighter planes like magic pens, drawing beautiful colors in the sky, which amazed the audience.

So how does the plane pull out beautiful colored cigarettes? There are two kinds of common smoke pulling: white smoke and color smoke.

The principle of white smoke is simple. Lubricating oil is sprayed at the nozzle and vaporizes rapidly at high temperature at the tail nozzle to form a white smoke band. The principle of color smoke is relatively complex.

It is divided into solid smoke pulling and liquid smoke pulling. Solid smoke pulling adopts solid smoke pulling bomb with built-in electric detonator. The electric detonator is excited by electric control equipment to ignite the smoke pulling bomb to form color smoke.

Solid smoke is easy to use and install, and is suitable for all types of aircraft, but the color is dim.

The color of liquid smoke is gorgeous, the smoke stays in the air for a long time, and the materials are more environmentally friendly.

The selection of smoke pulling method often depends on different performance needs. For example, the j-10b performance aircraft used solid smoke pulling at the 2018 China air show, while the j-10b performance aircraft used liquid smoke pulling.

So how is liquid smoking done?

Firstly, the liquid smoke of various colors is stored in the smoke pulling cabin.

After selecting the smoke pulling color, turn on the power switch and deliver the smoke to the smoke pulling nozzle through pressure to form fan-shaped smoke at high temperature and pull out different smoke tracks.

What are the mysteries of the colored smoke in the flying show?

How is the effect of liquid smoke control?

The effect of liquid smoke pulling is closely related to the shape of nozzle, the temperature of the nozzle and the material of smoke pulling agent.

The smoke pulling agent is stored at the tail of the machine, which is the key of the smoke pulling system.

The compartment design is adopted to realize the multi-color smoke pulling of one machine, which greatly enriches the smoke pulling performance effect.

The smoke pulling nozzle is one of the important components in the liquid smoke-pulling system.

The head of the smoke pulling nozzle adopts a hemispherical body and opens a rectangular groove, which can form a fan jet of the smoke pulling agent under the action of pressure.

The smoke pulling agent is atomized through the scouring of high temperature and high-speed air flow at the tail nozzle of the aircraft engine, which greatly improves the viewing effect.



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