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How does the plane emit colored smoke during the performance?

In the flight show, the plane will flip up and down and make a lot of dazzling actions, but these moments flash past and can’t be seen as long as it’s the wrong eye.

Aviation experts came up with the idea of letting planes smoke. The smoke makes the flight trajectory clearly visible.

At first, the smoke emitted by the aircraft was white, but in order to make the flight performance more ornamental, people developed color smoke, which looks very beautiful.

How do airplanes emit colored smoke?

The color smoke emitted by the aircraft is to use the residual temperature of the engine exhaust to atomize the liquid smoke pulling agent under the belly of the aircraft, and the smoke pulling agent in the pod will become thick color smoke. Of course, the color fog is more accurate.

What are the ingredients of colored smoke?

Different color smoke has different components. Generally speaking, white smoke contains zinc powder, hexachloroethane, ammonium chloride, potassium perchlorate, etc;

Red smoke contains potassium perchlorate, rose essence, antimony trisulfide, Arabic gum, etc;

Yellow smoke contains potassium chlorate, lactose, antimony trisulfide, alkaline chrysanthemum orange, gold amine, etc;

Green smoke contains potassium chlorate, malachite green, antimony trisulfide, Arabic gum, etc;

Blue smoke contains potassium chlorate, methyl blue, indigo, flour, etc; Purple smoke contains potassium chlorate, indigo, rose essence, para red, flour, etc.

The following are some wonderful moments of the flight performance team during the performance. It will be more spectacular to watch on-site!



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