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If you are located in  South and North America, Europe, and the Arab Emirates, you can contact our local distributor to get fast delivery.

We provide an easy to clean, safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic aviation color smoke extractor suitable for multiple models. We are the only professional manufacturer of smoke oil on the market.

Our products support common aircraft and model airplanes on the market. And can be customized for the type of aircraft

More colors

Our basic colors are red, yellow and blue. And more colors can be customized according to the three primary colors



It does not block the nozzles and pipes of the aircraft during use, and there is no need to make any changes to the aircraft. There is no need to clean the fuel tank and pipes after use

Safety and environmental protection

The product has been certified by a third-party authoritative inspection agency, and is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-polluting. The average density is 1.16 (g/m3), as much as possible to reduce the aircraft's load weight and filling volume while achieving the same smoke pulling effect

More cost-effective

We are factory direct sales. And we test a large number of airplanes and model airplanes. We have a higher advantage in terms of price and professionalism.

Smoke oil color

Our flying color e-liquid has a variety of colors. And based on the three primary colors, additional colors can be customized

About airplane flying stunts

In the air show, the smoke show has become one of the most important performance items. The smoke belt can record the attitude, trajectory and mutual positional relationship of the aircraft flying in the air, which can increase the appreciation and artistry of the air show.

Our aviation colored smoke puller improves the shortcomings and deficiencies of existing colored smoke. Our products are used in flight performances, and are instantly sublimated and exhausted to the tail of the aircraft to form colored smoke ribbons. Compared with ordinary white smoke, it is more ornamental.

Our colorful air smoke puller

VS other air smoke puller

Our Product

Better choice
  • High cost performance, the price is only half of a certain liquid dye smoke agent, and the product has a variety of specifications and packaging options.
  • The models are more abundant in application, covering the layout of common models in the market. After use, the body is coated without corrosion, and the cleaning is simple.
  • Our aircraft color smoke puller is ordinary cargo in nature, with higher flash point, higher safety, and more convenient storage and transportation.
  • Our color smoke oil is a finished product, with low dampness and strong fluidity, just add it directly when using it
  • The freezing point of our aircraft colored smoke puller is lower, with a freezing point of -45 degrees Celsius, which is suitable for more regions and extreme cold weather when the aircraft altitude is too high.
  • Our aircraft color smoke puller has better use effect, bright color, longer space time, etc.
  • Our aircraft color smoke puller has a lower boiling point and a better atomization effect, ensuring the ultimate atomization of every drop of smoke oil.

Other Product

  • Higher prices, fewer packaging specifications
  • The fuselage is contaminated with smoke oil to corrode the paint body of the aircraft, which cannot be cleaned off, and the solid can only be applied to the tail jet model.
  • It has a lower flash point and is a dangerous product. The cost of transportation and storage is higher. It requires more operating work during use and more care must be taken in handling.
  • Due to the high degree of dipping, it needs to be diluted and stirred for a second time during use, which is more cumbersome.
  • The freezing point is -20 degrees Celsius, and there is a possibility that the smoke oil may solidify when the temperature is too low or the altitude of the aircraft is too high.
  • When in use, the color varies with the size of the throttle, and the space is not long enough
  • The higher boiling point requires more aircraft engine temperature and nozzle layout, resulting in greater waste in use, and the same effect that consumes more smoke oil and causes unnecessary waste and environmental impact.


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This Model Jet Smoke Oil is great. The team teached me install the smoke oil in my jet. I had a problem with color making, but they took care of it right away.

Steve Smith

I just started using those smoking oil and it has been wonderfuly. I feel so existed about this product. I would definitely say that everyone who has a model jet should try this smoking oil

Steve Smith

Our company bought those somke oil from this shop for your airshow, and all the audiences were suprised by those colorful effects the somke oil generated, we are happy with this products.

Steve Smith

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